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To be mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) customers need to have had the cover included in the contract without being informed about it, asking for it, or wanting it and there are hundreds and thousands of customers that have unfortunately been affected.

Unfortunately millions of UK customers are still oblivious to the fact that they were misled by Banks and Lenders they entrusted and remain in the darkness regarding this sensitive issue.

As if this wasn't bad enough a good percentage of UK customers will find the policy had been added without consent or knowledge and to make matters worse you are most probably paying up to three times more than needed.

If sold properly payment protection insurance can cover your repayments while you’re off work due to illness through no fault of your own, injury or Job Loss. The issue arises, when lenders advise or recommend that you have to take out the policy as part of the agreement. Making it seems as if it were part of the package.

This is just one of the ways you may have been misled by your high street lender. Nobody wants to pay more than they're supposed to. If the money is rightfully yours in the first place, then why wouldn't you claim it back?

Good news!!! At Claim Central, we strive to provide an excellent customer satisfactory service that helps customers reclaim the money they’re owed.

"We're on your side and we're here to help"

So If you think you have a claim for mis-sold payment protection use our online PPI calculator to get an estimate as to how much you could be owed then get in touch with Claims Central by calling 08001522527

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Latest News

  • Banks Lose PPI Judicial Review
    April 2011

  • FSA warn banks again over PPI complaints delay
    Jan 2011

Have I been Mis-sold?

  • If you've been mis-sold you CAN get the money back.

    There have been thousands of successes over the last five years

    Why not give us a call on 0800 152 2529
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Mr P. E .Carter
Refunded £7,343
"I would highly recommend Claims Central to friends and colleagues. Very friendly and helpful."
Mrs K Ward
Refunded £406
"I am very pleased with the service provided, happy it was a goodwill gesture and no fee was charged."
Mrs L Fazakarley
Refunded £1,512
"Thank you for your help."
Mr E Percival
Refunded £315
"first time using a claims company, we are very satisfied."
Mr A Fleming
Refunded £6,242
"Thank you very much for your assistance in the pursuit of this claim. I shall indeed mention your company to various friends and colleagues who may, in the same way as I have be able to benefit from your service."
Ms C Kelly
Refunded £3,000
"Thanks for claiming back my PPI, I was over the moon to hear the good news.Fantastic work all done free of charge on a goodwill gesture due to my circumstances"
Mr A Maclachlan
Refunded £1,199
"I am happy to say that throughout this case my claim has been dealt with in a professional manner by all your staff. I would recommend your company to anybody pursuing a claim of this kind."
Mr J Kennedy
Refunded £1,672
"We would like to express our gratitude with Claims Central. The fast and efficient service way you dealt with our claim was exceptional and was very professionally done."
Mr J Miah
Refunded £1,770
"I am grateful to Claims Central for working hard in reclaiming compensation for mis-sold PPI. I sincerely appreciate your efforts and will recommend to others."
Mrs Carol Flitcroft
Refunded £9,581
"Thank you for all your help. The money has helped me to clear all my debts and I am very happy that you didn’t charge a fee – Goodwill gesture given"
Dr. S Baral
Refunded £31,079
"Very good experience and appreciate the speed at which my claim was handled."
Mr D G Wingrove
Refunded £2,617
"Thank you for the cheque we received on Saturday. It was very much appreciated and hope any future claims we have with you are as successful."

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